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Firmware for the TPC001 is available.This hexadecimal file may be uploaded to the dimmer switch via the programmerís D-sub9 connector.An STK500 Development Board from American Circuit Technologies is required.Each TPC0001 PCB has a 6 pin header identical to the one on the STK500.Use 6 conductor ribbon cable from the header marked ISP6PIN on the STK500 to the header on the TPC0001.Use the Atmel Studio 4 software to upload the hex file to the PCB.The latest firmware is dated September 26th 2003.


Right Click on the link to the hexadecimal file and save it in a safe directory on your computer.Make sure the name it is saved under is spelled exactly like this:TPC0001.hex

Some browsers may try to add another extension onto the file name.Just override that name with the one given above.†† When in the Atmel Studio 4, select this hex file to upload to the TPC0001.








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